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    HJ Hauptbannführer

    Single HJ Hauptbannführer. Just came in today. Very stiff with a torn
    tag on the reverse.
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    A good one at that .

    Well done Daren

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    I won't even say what I paid, but it was CHEAP!!!

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    Hey Darin

    I know what you paid for it

    I got the HJ em Gebiet staff "G 27" pair of shoulderstraps .

    I paid only 20 more euro than you did for the pair .

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    Joe, this one is not from Wietze. Good pick up on the Gebietstab, you needed those for your group.

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    My mistake , I stand corrected .

    Too bad that you did not snag the one on Weitzes site also , as these are a close pair from the top.

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    Superb ! You're lucky

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