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    HJ Marine Shoulder Boards Bann 663

    Marine HJ Shoulder Boards Bann 663

    I know this these are Marine-HJ Shoulder Boards for HJ Bann 663.
    These seem to have straps in the back. Are they from 1938? What HJ-Gebiet and Area was Bann 663 in? Thank you for you help. JME

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    Well, have a look at this impressive page that Garry put together for the Bann numbers:

    In 1938, there is no Bann 663 appearing. For 1941/42 (as per lists), Bann 663 belings to Ost/Wartheland.

    As far as I know (and I dont know htat much), the shoulder boards for 663 and 664 are the most frequent to be found.



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    That's right, Bann 663 Litzmannstadt and Bann 664 Litzmannstadt Land - Lentschutz (later Litzmannstadt Land) were in Ost/Wartheland and don't appear until the final list (both Banne were raised in 1941).

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    These are "slip on" style meant to be removed during laundering. This is the most common Marine HJ Bann number that I have seen, seems everyone has a set of them. Rumor is that there was a horde find of unissued straps somewhere in Eastern Germany years back.

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    Thank you all for your fast feedback! Much appreciated! JME

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    JME, with one more post you will have access to the articles section where there is a set of these straps posted with some more information.

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