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    Hi Steve,

    Without the pips that would be a Hilfsarzt - certainly going by the the 1943 OB anyway (pic attached). Have you seen this two pip/Litze configuration shown as Hilfsarzt in a book?

    Edit: forgot to attach pic
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    Hang on, these were discontinued in 1938 (ANBI. JFdDtR. VI/7 2.9.1938) so what are they doing in the 1943 OB?? Oops..

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    there were no pips on this strap already had a chat with darin as the strap did come with 2 pips so i took them off garry

    cheers steve

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    Aha, that explains it. Cheers Steve

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    Strap looks like a good one. Garry is correct about the pips being wrong. Also the button should not be numbered. So it's a good strap that has had a little embellishing IMO. I would have bought it, they are hard to find.

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    opps forgot to take the button off i remember now you did tell me that darin

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    This one looks to be non RzM style .
    I used to have a pair like this , I bought them from Toby at Das Reich . I have since sold them to Daren .

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