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    nice Darrin did not see that one good catch, by the way the triangle arrived this morning thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    Seems these are turning up a lot lately. Here's one I just paid for. It sat on the site for too long, so I bought it. Must be raining NPEA straps.
    Hi Gefolgschaft,
    the NPEA straps pattern 1938, are not rare. On the oher hand, those who are in mint condition, are much more difficult to find. I like yours.
    Best regards

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    I think the DJ NPEA straps and the AHS straps are much more scarce than the post 1938 pattern NPEA straps. NPEA straps still command a premium price.

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    you are absolutely right for the DJ NPEA straps.
    Mine come from the ex Ed Stadnicki collection and I paid a very high price for them.
    I thank the vendor a lot because I am very happy to have them.........

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    yes I agree the DJ is very rare and any AHS straps are a hard find


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    I hope that we shall not be flooded of fakes in the next years because the request for these straps becomes more and more strong every day

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    Eric, this will happen someday. I've already seen many fake triangles and the quality of them is improving. Straps are sure to follow the same path.

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    The small hands of the Eastern Europe work magnificently and I do not even speak about Asia

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    actually I feel we may be fairly insulated from the fakers. When you look at the big picture how many folks are really out there after these straps and diamonds plus they do not even have a big stupid swastika on them. I do not think the 10 or 11 die harts like us constitutes a target for at the best high end fakers.

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