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    Yes Antonio I'm going to go into detail regarding the boards first. Subjects like rank, and specialty, and also much information on the post 1938 boards is coming up camrade.

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    was just on the blog looking for some info on a pr of straps just bought. They are the later type with no embroidery or rank and have always suspected they would be related to a school or some unit not bann related. Will post pics when they arrive and we can further discuss this interesting anomaly. Also noted you have three sets of marine HJ straps with the anchor device and all look period to me , just bugs me they are said to be humped up by dealers in the book and I for one do not believe this at all.

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    Look forward to seeing your new straps Paul. Thanks for checking out the blog site as well.

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    it is an amazing page DARRIN you have done a great job most answers on the subject can be found there now , a true asset to the hobby keep it up

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