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    HJ shoulderstrap button question

    I have an early HJ jacket with Nord Nordsee triangle and 284 numbered shoulder boards on it. It also has number 18 gray buttons holding down the shoulder boards are these right for this jacket? Could someone explain what these numbered buttons represent? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    They represent the Gefolgschaft number. They number could represent other things too but for a standard HJ shirt or jacket it is showing the Gefolgschaft number.

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    The number 18 correct for 284 numbered shoulder boards?

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    Yes, the number is fine as there will definitely have been an 18th Gefolgschaft within that Bann but it's very difficult to pin down exactly where that unit was located. This thread is an attempt to do it but it's a mammoth task:

    Lower level unit identification -

    For the purposes of your jacket the button is correct.

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    Thank you so much I appreciated your help immensely.

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    No probs :)

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    For additional information on shoulder straps of the HJ see this article.

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