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    HJ VERWALTUNGSFÜHRER Administration Leader shoulder straps

    I`ve been after these HJ Verwaltungsobergefolgschaftsführer straps for 11 years and now I have them ... not cheap , I paid 275 dollars for them .
    But hey , an average HJ pair of plain straps is around 130 dollars .
    Also , I will not be online until next Thursday ... Im going on vacation to visit relatives .

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    Wow, you must be very pleased Joe. I've never seen a set of these 'in the flesh' before. There can't be many of these in collections I wouldn't have thought. 275 is a great price in my opinion when you consider the rarity of these straps

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    Thanks Garry

    I have seen only one other (a single strap) , besides these pair in 37 years of collecting .

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    I love seeing items like this turn up and we've been lucky over the last couple of weeks with these straps and of course with Darin's early HJ sports patch. Great stuff

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    I'm fascinated by the variety of the HJ straps, a great find. Thanks to post them.

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    Do the pips make them admin?

    I have never seen pips like that.

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    great day I have learned something new. Never saw this type before. What is the significance of these please

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    Its really a good catch. I was seen like that one in the book of saris

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    Rare straps for HJ administrators. Here is a picture from a 1940 publication (picture 1) and a picture from a 1943 Organisationsbuch der NSDAP:

    Verwaltungs-Gefolgschaftsführer und Verwaltungs-Hauptgefolgschaftsführer

    jhgcfjhzgcfv.gif hvkjgv.gif
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    I wonder if this might be another example of the NSDAP OB printing superceded information...? Reichsbefehl RJF 72/K states that the Verwaltungsführer ranks ceased to exist from the 1st of January 1940 and that those who had held such ranks were to be assimilated into the normal HJ rank structure. Now, that could mean that the rank pips remained but that the rank of Verwaltungs-Gefolgschaftsführer was simply changed to Gefolgschaftsführer. I don't know but the pips were originally introduced to show the difference between those in command and those who worked purely in administration so with that in mind it seems perhaps logical that the triangular pips would have gone out of use along with the administrative rank.

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