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    Thx Gerry, So it could go together 31 and Nord Nordmark as an DJ in 1936.
    Quote Originally Posted by crack
    So basically.... :) if you keep the "31" strap you will need to combine it with a Nord Hamburg triangle for a post-1937 combination. If you keep the Nord Nordmark triangle you will need to combine it with a "1/31" or "2/31" strap for your 1936 combination.
    I agree with this. Gebiet 26 Nord Hamburg was created on the 1st of April 1937 so clearly, the "Nord Hamburg" triangle can not be used if you are putting together an insignia combination for 1936. In 1936 the two DJ Jungbanne 1/31 and 2/31 existed and these numbers would have been embroidered onto the strap. Jungbann 31 came about as part of general organisational changes undertaken by the
    and its official creation date is the 1st of August 1937. By that time the triangle "Nord Hamburg" was in use.

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    Okey. This one should do it.! Nice style
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    Yes, 162 works with the Nord Nordmark triangle although not for 1936. 162/Nord Nordmark works for August 1937 onwards. I only mention that in case you were adding the insignia to a shirt and were planning to add some 1936 tinnies or something.

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    Cool Crack, 1937 it is. My Nord Nordmark have a sweet
    tag on and the stitchings on schoulder boad is so neat.
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    A good match. The strap matches that time frame in construction.

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    19 mm HJ/DJ Fahnlein number 6.

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