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    Landjahr sleeve triangle and set of first pattern Landjahr shoulder straps

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    Yep, that's an early Landjahr set. It's good, looks to be in great condition. Edit, possibly made in 1936-1938 period due to the red RZM tag with the A4 designation.
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    Nice set but there are two rightside(from the bearers perspective) shoulderboards i think??

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    Pat, I've only seen the "right" facing L on this strap before. I don't think there is a left and right with these, but if somebody has a photo that would be great.

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    I think you are right on the money Darin i thought there was a right and lef shoulderboard appearantly not look at this one i saw on ebay a while ago.
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    That's a great picture Pat.

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    Great set,one that I have wanted for years but always ended up buying something else.Photo is prime too.

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    Great postcard photo! I'm going to have to start watching eBay!

    Does anyone know with whom that photo ended up??

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    Really nice and rare Landjahr photo .

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