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    Looking for info/thoughts on strange HJ Boards (HJ Verwaltungsführer)

    HI. I'm looking for any info or comments on these HJ shoulder boards. The boards seem to be of standard HJ board dimensions, with what looks like black (?) base material, piped in green, and silver-grey. The letter "G" and the numeral "24" is done in silver bullion wire. The reverse looks very typical to me. Each boards has 4 aluminum pips.

    These are two strings attaching the 2 boards together. One string, off-white with age, is attached to a metal
    tag, and also an aluminum disc. There is also a black and white braided string, which is attached to a lead seal, with an HJ diamond on one side, and "
    " on the other side.

    Thanks for any comments, or info, or concerns.

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    boy looks like a high quality sealed pattern given out to tailors etc to ensure conformity in manufacture.


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    Hi Paul,

    I'm concerned by the green piping. It doesn't seem to conform to expected colors that might be seen, and what about the piping going directly into the bottom of the boards, rather than coing together in the bottom middle, than going under the board?

    I'm by no means a board, or HJ expert. In fact, I'm an amateur. These are a ccouple of issues that have been pointed out to me, and just trying to gather more thoughts.


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    Good to see you posted here. I've looked at these and I'm stumped. Hope some others have some better information than I could provide.:confused:

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    I to do not claim to be an expert on HJ boards but a sealed pattern can be as I stated above for conformity in manufacture or a proposed example not necessarily accepted. There will be others chime in here so lets see what the thoughts are


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    You are correct about the sealed pattern Paul. A "proposed" example is one angle that had not thought of Paul. The dual colored piping is what I really don't understand. I never seen this color anywhere or in any regulations. The prototype idea may have some merit. I will be very interested in what Wihlem Sarris thinks of this set.

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    YES very odd but could these be for a school dual purpose shoulders.
    Also for interest sake here is a link to a vendor of note who sell
    items and has many sealed patterns. Look at the method and materials they seem to match up with this set

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    Normally , these would be for a Stammführer of Gebiet staff 24 .

    The Green piping , I just dont get either .

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    Interesting. I've got a reference to a regulation here dated 1936 and expanded in 1938 which state that only Flieger-HJ working on the Gebiet staff wore their own colour with all other staff employees wearing karmesin red. The regulation is talking specifically about specialist HJ colours (signals-HJ etc.) but certainly seems to be implying that karmesin red applied to all on the Gebiet staff less Flieger-HJ.


    The 1937 Organisationsbuch shows a board for a Geldverwalter (Bannführer) on the Gebiet staff but it has a green cord - not a double silver/green.The silver cord would have been part of the board anyway so adding the green cord to it was perhaps the only way of integrating the appointment of Geldverwalter with the rank of Stammführer? Doesn't explain why the 1937 Bannführer/Geldverwalter board in the 1937 Organisationsbuch is green only but Stammführer/Geldverwalter seems to be a good lead to follow.

    Going on what can be seen I would say that these are for a Stammführer working in the appointment of Geldverwalter on the Gebiet staff.

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    I would post this set on World War Militaria Forum and see what Wilhelm Sarris and Bob Coleman have to say about them, also PM Toby here and ask him to take a look at them. Also if the original person that sold them was David Delich I would have good confidence in them.
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