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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    Normally , these would be for a Stammführer of Gebiet staff 24 .

    The Green piping , I just dont get either .
    Sorry Joe, just noticed your post. Yes, Stammführer on the Gebiet staff. Add the green and you have a Geldverwalter. No other possible explanation for me personally. Landjahr is not a possibility.

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    If this set turns out to be legit, he paid a great price for them.

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    That's always good to hear :)

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    everything IMO looks correct with these glad for the explantion on the green cord


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    Thanks for all the great info, guys. Especially appreciated by someone new to the HJ arena.

    I hate to be the one to ask the stupid question, but what is "Geldverwalter?" I take it that's a rank?

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    HJ paymaster or treasurer. If that is indeed what these straps are they would be considered pretty scarce. I'd still like to see what Wilhelm Sarris thinks of them, he is a real authority on
    and regulations. Forgot to add this this is not a rank, the rank is a Stammführer as indicated by the four pips. Geldverwalter is more of a position.
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    Just for completeness if someone should throw up this thread on a search: these are indeed Verwalter shoulder boards. Verwaltungsführer, Stammführer on the staff of Gebiet 24.

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    Hi i have to a par of this boards i will try to post some pictures this evening

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    The Saris reference Handbook of the Hitlerjugend discusses this style HJ shoulder board on page 345. The green piping in combination with the silver piping was introduced December 3, 1937 according to Wim. He further states that in April of 1938 two types of this board were available for a Verwalteungssbteilungsletier from a Gebiet with the rank of Gefolgschaftsführer, Stammführer, Oberbann and Hauptbannführer, and later for the ranks of Ober and Hauptgefolgschaftsführer, as well as Oberstammführer. He also cites an addendum that states the straps were to be worn by a Verwaltungsführer when they had been presented with the special honour dagger. He cites several period sources in the footnotes in the section dealing with this type of board.

    A very special and rare shoulder board for the Hitlerjugend not often seen. Great of Wim to document these in his excellent reference and nice work by Garry in identifying these before the reference was published. Thanks to both of you.

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