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    People are asking silly prices for straps lately. I love to collect them, but don't think they are worth that prices that some are asking lately.

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    without any doubt we here are to blame, the dealers are just picking up on it and lining their pockets . I now buy mostly off the forums where fellow members seem to be more friendly with the prices

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    Hi Chaps,

    before assumptions and suspicions take funny dimensions, let me shed some light on dealers in Hamburg. (I live 45 minutes by car from the inner city and visit some of the on a monthly basis.) First of all I classify Andre Huesken as the next bigger behind Weitze. Jörg Kalies is baking rather small bread roles. And: Jörg Kalies, being an estimated 48 years is NOT the son-in-law of Winkler (about 45 years old). Kalies is the son-in-law of an old dinosaurus in the militaria-business who just died one or two years ago and whoms collection was just sold on Thies as far as I know. You could brake me the last bone in my body, but I cannot remember his name right now. Kalies, in fact, gained a good knowledge from this old gent and I suppose also some financial backing - he cannot tell me that his shop (also very close to Hamburg's Rathausmarkt (so very inner city about 400 metres away from Weitze)) is paid from the few sales he makes over the month.
    BTW, Kai Winkler I don't take into the equation of Hamburg dealers although he is just South of Hamburg (Seevetal). If I would, then Winkler and Weitze play in approx the same league size-wise. Saying this, you must appreciate that Weitze has to maintain a walk-in-shop in the very very inner city of Hamburg (Neuer Wall) while Winkler is an internet-shop somewhere in the woods South of Hamburg.
    In regard of Torsten Schüler (thor_1918 on ebay and I think the same name on mil321): I have made deals with him the past 15 years and I can say he always had good ties to Weitze. In fact it is his business philosophy to offer first on the web (ebay or mil321) and if it really doesn't sell, he sells to Weitze. The "golden" Berlin cap tallies on Weitze came also from Schüler - to name just one example ... and there are dozens! Schüler has certainly a good grasp of things and a good knowledge of militaria but sometimes the gold-rush feeling is taking him the clear thinking. However, Schüler is also a professional dealer as far as I know, although just on internet auction houses instead of the Weitze or Winkler business ideas. A few years ago I ran also against the brick wall with trying to bring him to reality in regard of the golden Berlin tallies.



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