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    Missing "pips" on period photograph .

    I found this picture on ebay , It is a common photo of an HJ boy with his parents. I have cropped the photo to show detail .
    Apon close examination I noticed that his pips on his straps had been removed , I am thinking that this boy is using a recycled pair of straps from another boy or had been demoted. Hard to believe that a Gefolgschaftführer had been demoted that much . Also his cap piping seems to be white .
    Anyway , this photo is proof that pips were pulled out during the period and shoulderstraps were used again .

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    Original photo.
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    I think there are a recycled shoulder boards.
    When I was on army my parade uniform was from my father who was lieutenant (so the uniform was so much more quality than the regular troopers) and I just taken off the graduation insignia from shoulder boards and added the correct one to my graduation.

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    Here is a theory on these, what I see is added tape around the outer edges which in the regular world would denote a SERGEANT RANK. So is this very late last ditch and he was a flak helper with sgt rank ?

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    Hi Paul
    I dont see anything that dictates the boy as being a flakhelper . He is wearing a non regulation nonpleated pocket blouse though.

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    true maybe Volksturm . THAT tape is very interesting.

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    One more thing ...if you enlarge the first photo to 400% , it really looks like the shoulderstrap has metal number cyphers .

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    not un heard of but makes this photo even more interesting

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    I dont think the boy is volkstrum either , If you look at his Fathers uniform ... he is wearing a Model 36 Heer tunic with dark green collar , his shoulderstraps are field gray with slipon cyphers , his overseas caphas a bevo cockade on field gray backing and his capeagle looks to be of the M40 style . If you go by what the Father is wearing to date the photo , I would guess 1940 to 1942
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    yes agree with that pre 43

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