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    i just got the Landjahr district triangle off of the WAF.
    So im happy i got the whole set now.

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    you are on a roll great weekend

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    Yea i gotta slow down for the next month.

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    wow that is a good bussiness, I still like more the shoulder boards than an

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    there is a morale to this story as I see it,that being every item has a lower price, always as for a discount, and if you have spares offer a trade many dealers are looking as long as they can trade up so never accept these outrageous prices and find out who the best dealers really are


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    Well said Paul .
    This is good advice everyone . In this economy the way it is now , you can allways ask for a deal .

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    I do all the time. I think i get it from goin to yardsales all the time.

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    I have also found that many dealers and sellers are open to a "lay away" or payments on higher priced items lately. They don't pubilcize it on their sites, but if you ask they are often open to the idea.

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