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    The straps look blue in the pictures which makes them Marine-HJ rather than Nachrichten-HJ (black/yellow).


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    Thanks Garry. With the flash we see they are black, i hope :)


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    Yep, definitely Nachrichten-HJ now :) Congrats on finding them.

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    Great find. Signals are the hardest to find of the specialty straps in my experience. Fantastic looking pair, I am envious!

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    very nice. I would also have sworn they where blue in the first pic.

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    Congratulations, they look pretty good!!!

    I guess this type is also quite expensive.



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    It would seem that they would be expensive, but the last two I found were under 25 usd each. :confused:

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    Less than 70 for the set! Possible the seller have others identical pairs. I appreciate your positive comments.


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    That's a great price for those straps, very well done.

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