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    Nachrichten (Signals) HJ Shoulder Straps and insignia

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    Very nice Darin .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    Used until 1943 when the Nachrichten was incorporated into the Flakhelfers from my understanding.
    Where did you read that Darin? It's not something I've ever heard or read. There were changes to the structure and responsibilities of the Nachrichten-HJ as the war progressed and where you can see a more defined alignment to the Heer and Luftwaffe taking place but the Nachrichten-HJ wasn't disbanded to my knowledge. I have orders relating to that section of the HJ here dating to the end of 1942 and there is nothing there that would suggest an impending disbandment.

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    It was Angolia that made that statement Garry. As usual no footnote of source for this however. It would be interesting to see why he states this.

    Here's the page where he makes the statement regarding the Nachrichten being absorbed into the Flakhelfers.
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    Cheers for the scan Darin He sounds confident but as you say, no footnotes. Perhaps we'll find out more in time but there are certainly no indications in the regulations at the end of 1942 that this disbandment was likely.

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    Indeed Garry. Angolia's has some information that seems factual but without a source or footnotes it begs the question where he got the information, or if it is collector lore that he is repeating. The books are decent books for collectors but not entirely accurate references.

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    Hi Darin,

    Just found a clip (HJ bit starts at 5:01) showing Nachrichten-HJ boys on a field exercise in October 1944. Quality isn't great but you can see the HJ diamond on a cap towards the end. I also came across a reference to a Nachrichten-HJ member dating to 1945 so I think Angolia definitely got his wires crossed (no pun intended!).

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    HJ Nachrichten

    here is apicture of my insignia.
    Best Regards
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    Great Alois! Thanks for participating in the thread. Let's see some others from the members!

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    HJ Nachrichten Austria

    Another picture with my Austrian Nachrichten boards.
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