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    Those are great, really nice set that appears to be from the period between the abolishment of the Oberbann system and the introduction of specialty straps maybe. I like this set a lot.

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    Hmm would appear they are sold already

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    they wasnt when i posted the link lol ,darin did you have them

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    Nope, somebody jumped on them. Good set for whoever grabbed them.

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    WELL :closedeyes: it was me had an eye on that marine HJ set and bought them both this morning always keep an eye on this sight

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    Good, I'm glad someone here grabbed them up, nice catch Paul.

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    I have never seen this site before,but please keep in mind I have not been on the internet very log so there are alot of sites I have not seen.His/her stock looks for the most part 100% good----does tend to use the word scarce quite often ;)Is this site one of the good guys and where is it out of?

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    very efficient does enhance his descriptions but overall except for high prices there are things to buy here.


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    one of the good sellers imho

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