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    Nice set of Adolf Hitler Schule (AHS) Shoulder Straps

    This is a pretty nice set of AHS straps. If you really need a set these are good IMO.

    Hiscol, the price is high, 950 Euro, or $1307 U.S.D.! Ouch He does state that he knows the price is high in the description at least. If I did not have examples it might be tempting, but wow that's expensive for a couple of bits of cloth for a working guy like me.

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    I would say 450,-€ cheaper is the right price

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    Yes Alois, that price would be much much better, but I think this set will eventually sell for his asking price. HJ items are becoming very costly lately, especially the more scarce items.

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    Yes Darin, I am afraid, you are right

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    Mario may also be open to a payment plan option if asked for this item. Many dealers will do this if requested on higher priced items. It never hurts to inquire, they can only say yes or no. From my experiences in the past this is an option that can work out for both buyer and seller.

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    the price is really outrageous and does not match the current value for this kind of item. In addition, Hiscoll has become more expensive than Weitze.
    The last ones at Weitze were sold € 750 and it was already a record for AHS straps for the last year. !

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    well theres a rare DJ rune buried in there , it dont come up with the youth category button, just go all items and roll on down, its simply a nice used DJ insignia for 90E, which has went unsold for days because of such!!

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