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    " OAKLEAVES " Oberbannführer shoulderboards a PAIR !

    I Finially found a "PAIR" of Oberbannführer shoulderboards . If you are Lucky enough to locate these , it is usually a single board.
    I believe that these pair were made between 1940 and 43 , as the backing is more of a wartime manfacture .
    I usually see single Oakleaf shoulderboards around every 3 to 4 years . Rarely do you find them in pairs. When you find singles , they cost around 500 dollars and up .
    It took me over 30 years to catch a pair of these super rare pair of boards . I like them so much that I have used the Oakleaf image as my new Avatar .

    ENJOY .

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    More photos .
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    Wonderful and outstanding!!!

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    Congrats Joe ! I observed this pair a long time ago on Oakleaf site. Really a good catch

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    Thats where I got them from . Not cheap , but Oakleaf militaria could have sold them for much more .

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    I considered this set, but something else came up.

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    Hi Joe,
    Congratulations on your new purchase. Please contact me as soon as possible.
    My e-mail:
    Thank you, JME

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    Great set, I just picked up one single yesterday. If I'm allowed to post pictures I will.

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