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    Pre-1938 Hitler Youth shoulder strap with oakleaf device?

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    Strange one. I've never seen that before. It looks like maybe an
    oakleaf from a collar tab or something added to the strap. Who knows where and when.

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    I think this has been post war altered , A person of this rank pictured ( oberbannführer) would not hump up an HJ enlisted rank strap.

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    Thanks for your response.
    I will try to identify the exact origin of these collar tabs oakleaf (Stahlhelm or
    as Darin said).

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    The price was very cheap, so this one is on it's way to me. Probably humped up with the cypher but a bargain for an Oberbann 1 strap. Any results of your research to determine where the cypher came from Lauri?

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    Hello Darin
    Yes a good opportunity due to the price! I've seen pictures of the Stahlhelm bund with the same cypher on the collar tabs, including an interesting photo depicting Stahlhelm and Jungstahlhelm members with HJ lads. Why not a non official tradition after the absorption of the Jungstahlhelm in the Hitlerjugend? (even i'm very sceptical!!)

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    Thanks for the reply Lauri. A possiblity I suppose. After I have the strap in hand I can inspect it more closely, but yes at the price I could not say no!

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    I'm just looking at the letter written on 26.6.1933 by a man called Schröder from the Stahlhelm Landesverband Oldenburg/Ostfriesland to all units where he informs them about the details of the incorporation of the Scharnhorst Jugend into the HJ. The uniforms are discussed including the badge worn on leaders' collars. The letter says that no final decision had yet been made on whether the boys would be permitted to continue to wear the badge once they were members of the HJ so it could be the case that a decision was made to permit the badge to be worn on the shoulder strap after the date of this letter. Perhaps these badges were worn in this way for a short period in 1933/4 making this strap one of those worn by a Scharnhorst leader who had transferred into the HJ and been given a leadership position there?

    The question now is:

    is the badge on the strap there the same badge that was worn on the collars of the Scharnhorst leaders? I'm sure that one of you guys can confirm or deny the latter. Seems a good lead to follow.

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    Thanks Garry, that's maybe the right way to explain this particularity!
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    Here we have it. Arrived yesterday.
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