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    Reenactor - Dumb HJ shoulderboard question

    I have a question, probably one that has been asked before. I am a collector, but I am also putting together a very early HJ impression together for my son at his request. I am fairly knowledgeable about certain areas of collecting, but not this one. I am curious how much of a HJ uniform would be made at home. for example, would the shoulder boards be issued with the correct numbering, or would it be done locally on blank boards? Also, would the uniforms and insignia be free to the members, or would they be purchased by the parents, or made from patterns made available to the members? I am just trying to get a handle on the logistics involved, to better understand differences in technique and materials.
    thank- Toad

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    It would depend greatly on what year your talking about ...1929 -1932 ... then yes , most items for the youth orgnizations were homemade as the manfacturing regulations were not yet standardized by the RZM . 1933 an there after most insignias were standardized .

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