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    Reichsfinanzschule shoulderstraps for HJ Oberscharführer

    About time I won something on Ebay ...LOL
    I got these super rare Reichsfinanzschule straps on ebay for 388 euro or aprox $408 dollars .
    A great price for a nice pair of straps .
    Enjoy .

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    Nice win at a fair price Joe. I watched this auction to see what the hammer price would be. These were listed on WAF for some time, glued to the front of an album. Pity they have been removed from the album but the price was 1000 Euro and nobody bought the item so it appears the seller pieced it out.

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    This is about the cheapest I have seen for a pair of
    straps . Usually you see them listed for 375euro on dealers sites just for a single .

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    Congrats Joe,

    had them also in my scope, but was not in time at home to participate on the bidding.
    But I'm happy for you (at least somebody from this forum got them) for I really wanted to try to have a go at this pair.
    This would only but have meant that the prize might could have gone higher up.

    A nice catch.

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    Yes it is fortunate that a collector from the forum has won this auction. I think if certain dealers were in the race we would see this set on a Friday update listed for double the final selling price I am sure.

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