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    shoulder straps Jungbann 432


    what sort of triangle for these shoulder straps ? and it's possible that put it on my winter blue bluse HJ ?

    Thank you for yours answers


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    they look like a set of leaders boards and probably would not go with that uniform. Others will reply with more detailed info


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    These are DJ-Fähnleinführer boards Gérard.

    The triangle would have been Süd/Württemberg

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    Quick addition to my above post. The Bluse is the wrong type for a DJ-Fähnleinführer unfortunately Gerard so these items won't go together as Paul has said.

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    Thank you for yours posts and details for my bluse


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    A nice used set of Fahnlienführer boards. The straps are not too difficult to find but the DJ Leaders bluse is tough to find.

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    Thanks Gefolgschaft for your post. In a first time I go to complete my DJ bluse with a triangle, rune and trap. After I would try to find a DJ Leaders bluse.

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    good luck on finding matching boards and trinagle not s easy as you think it would be, i knoow been looking for boards for my winter blouse and my HJ shirt for over a year now

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