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    Shoulderboards HJ Rottenführer on the Gebiet Staff - HJ Gebiet 7 / Nordsee

    Hello fellow collectors,
    wanted to show to you all this new arrival.
    Nice pair of Hitlerjugend Gebietsstabführer für Gebiet 7 / Nordsee
    This will be a nice addition to my frame of Nord / Nordsee.
    Hmmm, need to rethink how I'm goiing to fit this in a new, larger frame.
    Just could not lett it go.
    Butt, why bother to describe,...just have a look at the pics and enjoy

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    Great items!
    Thank you for sharing.

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    A nice addition to your Nordsee collection, very well done. This set once belonged to member u869ss here on the forum. They are missing the outer silver braid piping but still a nice set not often found. Congratulations on the addition, nice to see them go to a focused collection like yours wizard!

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    I've got a question about these boards.
    So the owner of this guy was asigned to the staff of a region, one would assume that his rank would be higher, no?
    Or where there also unitformations (schar, kameradschaft,...)on this level.
    What would be the function of a "rottenführer" on this level of commandment??
    Is there any documentation Cc use of kids on this level (are they to be seen as somekind of errandboy, courier,???)
    On what basis would they be selected if this should turn out to be an exclusive function?
    I'm puzzled with this.


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    Hi Wizard,
    The rank of the wearer of these was a Rottenführer. They reflect the assingment to Gebietstab. There were many different functions of the Gebietstab, a lot of clerical, disciplinary, and organisational work for example. Perhaps a member held this rank at his Bann on the local level before being selected to serve on the Gebietstab. I don't know the exact function of this level of rank at the staff level, but do know that younger boys of lower rank did indeed serve on the staff. I do not believe there were units like Schar and Kameradeschaft at the Gebiet level. I don't know the exact selection process but would assume the member would have to excell in many areas to be given the honour of serving on the staff. Perhaps Garry or Wim has more information. I do know that period photos show younger HJ members wearing these type of straps.

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    for this much appreciated answer


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    I believe that these straps were intended for HJ Officer ranked personal , but the pips have either been removed or they were never applied .
    If you want to restore the missing piping , you can easily find silver piping by stripping them off Luftwaffe officer collar tabs . You can find them usually in singles with a little moth eaten holes for around 30 dollars each . Personally I would restore them but you do with them as you see fit as they are yours .

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    thx for the advice.
    Hmm, restore the piping.
    Ok, but how do I need to fix them on the board?
    I guess I have to sew them, but with wich kind of thread do I need to do this?:001_huh:

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    In regard to the rank, take note of the photo shown on page 283 of the Saris reference Handbook of the Hitlerjugend. The book shows a period photo of a young member of Gebiet 17 wearing Gebietstab straps for a Kameradeshaftsführer. Further proof that lower ranked HJ members did indeed serve on the staff and wore the appropriate ranked straps.

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    Its not missing the silver cord arround them?

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