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    Okay, but at the front the holes are visible!!
    When seeing the holes, Weitze or an employee may have
    thought it would be better to "complete" the strap! And so
    it happened.

    G 27 Wien.jpg

    I see lots of straps with added Litze and pips by collectors
    after the war. Just recently. Upgrading is what is done
    these days, but do not forget it was also done before the
    end of the war when a boy got a new rank.

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    cant believe the names in this thread thats sticking up for such foul antics , i am glad i dont collect anymore is all i will say !

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    First at all : take it easy, Holzwurm ! if you don't like it, I think Firma Weitze will make what you expect (I'm not his speaker but I'm buyer there since the 70s).

    As Wim told you, a promotion does not mean buying new insignias. It seems that the board you bought was finished by the manufacturer with 3 pips before final sewing ! ok ! but the vast majority of these boards have added pips, added by the wearer after an upgrade. So, it's not true to say : "On such boards there are no "metal" to see on the backside".

    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    Yeah probably.....
    Like Fred Durst says: Keep it rollin rollin rolling.....

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    I am glad I quite collecting in the mid-1980's. There was a lot of rustle in those days,
    which got worth in later years and did not reach it's top yet in my opinion. Many
    try to get and extra buck, due to this. Some collectors and dealer's as well are
    very well known for their "fummeln" (tinkering)!!

    I think no one can mention a dealer who never did some "fixing"?

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    Items are the owners to do with as they wish. For me, l never cleaned or restored anything. I always left items as found. To each his own.

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    Personally :..... to each there own ... I have hand washed old uniforms as well as insignias ..... usually with good results (only once did the insignia fall apart). If a strap has missing pips then if I can find good pips I will restore them . If a uniform or hat has a rip or tear I have no issue with repairing them with original thread .... But hey , at least I admit it !

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    I look at it this way when looking to buy a antique car without all the parts I would search for the parts and restore it to its original. If someone has added some of the missing parts thats less work for me. Simple way of looking at it my opinion

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    As long as the seller admits that an item has been restored , then I dont have an isssue . Its those sellers that do it and then say they got it that way that there are issues .

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