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    They lived in Varel, Northern Germany.
    My aunt is still alive. She recalls the BDM as being a lot of fun for a young girl. The "socialist" part of NSDAP meant lots of state-run trips and excusions that you didn't have to pay for. There was no overt indoctrination in her group, or if there was it was way too subtle for her.

    My uncle is dead now but he absolutely hated the HJ. He wasn't sporty and it wasn't how he wanted to spend his free time. After a couple of months my grandmother said he didn't have to go if he didn't want to. A couple of weeks after that came the 3am knock on the door where a couple of gents in black coats explained that the HJ was mandatory and that Tanno would be taken into care if he didn't attend

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    Thanks for sharing that. Yes, as you say, big difference between the way the movement was portrayed in the NSDAP propaganda and how it was subjectively experienced by its members day to day. It must have been hell for the less sporty types :)

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    Here is one more that I've found of my aunt at a kid's summer camp. She is the little girl in white in the front row. These kids look like they're having a lot of fun.

    Apart from the adult HJ leader to the left, none are wearing any uniform, although the train driver style hat is certainly popular with the boys.
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    VERY nice to see a member here with close family ties to the subject . Hope there are more details to share in the future

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    Another Kinderschar photo

    Just got this Kinderschar photo. It shows the patch and a buckle.
    Same buckle as in post 19 here in this thread.
    As far as I know there have been no regulations for the buckle
    so this buckle may have been worn by other pre 1933 organisations too.
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    Have seen this small photo on ebay recently, 6cm x 9cm (which ist about 2.4 inch by 3.5 inch).
    Interesting patches worn by the woman and some of the kids.
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    Very interesting, but this organisation had nothing to do with the HJ. It was managed by the NS-Frauenschaft.

    Best regards

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    A set of photos with some interesting details about Kinderschar buckle and insignias.
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    For all of you who are still interested in Kinderschar items:
    These two photos from Werdau (Sachsen) were sold today on ebay.
    Especially the one with the mother, who seems to have been a leader of a Kinderschar is very nice.
    The boy on the left has just had his first day at school, notice the new schoolbag and the large
    Zuckertüte / Schultüte which children here get on their first day in school, filled with sweets.
    Also please do notice the buckle on the right boy, and the metal Wolfsangel worn by
    the mother and the two older boys. The youngest was not yet allowed to join the Kinderschar.
    But to not make him too jealous about his brothers pile of sweets he got a smaller school cone.
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