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    and for those being intested to see the two eagle forms, here an image from Angolia's book.

    HJ-NSKK-b vol.2. angolia.jpg

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    Great stuff Wim. Thanks very much for clearing this one up

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    Another example of "collector lore", incomplete or partial, and misinformation being passed on as fact on other forums. His text comes straight from Angolia's HJ

    Motor-HJ NSKK Diamond - Militaria Forums
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    I have given them at WAF the full story.
    Maybe they know from now on the exact meaning for the patch! Hope they
    are willing to learn......

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    Excellent post there Wim. I don't know with that member. He refused to acknowledge that he had incorrectly identified a green police rider patch as HJ and continued to say "possibly used by the HJ" even after being shown the regulations and several examples. As we say in the U.S. you can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink.

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