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    Flieger-HJ glider qualification badges, cloth and enamel

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    The badges are Civil Gliding Proficiency Badge (Certificates A to C): (Segelfliegerabzeichen), enamel and cloth versions.

    The badges were awarded to all glider pilots who fullfilled the requirements:
    , Flieger HJ ...

    "The International Aeronautical Federation (an organization still in existence) was responsible for issuing Certificates of
    Proficiency in civil gliding. The civil gliding proficiency badges were manufactured in an enamel version, a hand embroidered version and a machine embroidered version. The enameled version of the Civil Gliding Proficiency badge for authorized certificate holders generally measured 22mm in diameter.

    After 1933, a 50mm cloth version was authorized for wear on uniforms. The cloth version was manufactured in both silver-grey thread (machine embroidered) and a hand embroidered version.

    Requirements for the awarding of each certificate was as follows:
    Certificate A (one gull): a 30 second solo free flight without maneuvers.
    Certificate B (two gulls): a 60 second solo free flight with an "S" turn maneuver.
    Certificate C (three gulls): a 5 minute solo flight without loss of altitude, plus an oral examination. The holder of this certificate was experienced in the difference between gliding and soaring."

    Text from Daniels page:
    Part 1

    Daniel has one of the best pages on this subject.


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    Danke für die Schnelle und sehr gute Hilfe........
    mfg Brian

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