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    Geländesportwart, Schießwart etc specialist cufftitles

    Introduced on the 4th of December 1936 but man these look easy to fake. Does anyone have experience with them? Are there features which separate real from fake? I like mine but I've no idea whether they are actually good. They have clearly been cut from a roll and are unused.

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    Garry, I too have wondered the same thing. Looks like another of those horde finds to me.

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    Does to me too Darin as they are always offered in unused condition. Well, I haven't seen a used one for sale anywhere over the last years anyway.

    I remember Toby having a shirt with two of these sewn onto the sleeve. Hopefully he'll see this thread and we may see his cuff-titles in close-up.

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    Funny you mention the shirt Garry, it's up on another site right now. I too had a shirt with one of these on it, but in my case I think it was added. The construction looks period and they feel pretty good in hand. :confused:

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    hi dar
    i know who has that shirt would be interesting to know where its for sale, i thimk these are like the dj sigrunes and a lot was found post war

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    Was it on the old forum where the shirt was shown?

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    it was on waf gar:

    .kjgkl.jpg kHJgioz.jpg hgdu.jpg

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    Cheers Stu

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    I think that Toby has also a Geländesportwart cufftitle to sell.

    I have seen so many fakes already... puff. I attach another one that has been copying so much.

    I guess you can only be sure buying at 100% trustable people, right?


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    thing is with these as there are so many mint unissued ones ahrd to know whats real and whats not as they would be a farily easy design to copy just like most cloth insignia

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