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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    hi dar
    i know who has that shirt would be interesting to know where its for sale, i thimk these are like the dj sigrunes and a lot was found post war
    Stu, it's up for sale here,

    2011 Admin Edit: link removed as it no longer links to the shirt

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    Has anyone ever seen a HJ Skiwart/HJ Schiwart title? I have not.Paul

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    Me neither unfortunately. This is the closest I've got to one:
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    I saw one of the red on another forum with an RZM control tag, but the backside looked different than any other I had seen. It was shown next to the more commonly encountered ones. Looked good from the photos, but who knows.

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    ive had the 3 that are the easiest to find, but never came across the white one, there gone now to another collector, hope he has better luck in finding the ski one. pete.

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    just found a pic of two i had, ill try and dig the green picture out. HJ Geländesportwart, HJ Sportwart
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    Interesting thread. Personally, I am of the opinion that these should indeed be treated with caution as I suspect they have been faked. In fact, I have a couple somewhere which I believe are fakes. I will try and find them.

    The two on the shirt were, from memory, quite soft to the touch (as was the single Gelaendesportwart example I had not so long back). I also believe there is a difference in the qaulity of the embroidery cf. real and fake (or at least what I consider fake) bands. More akin to BeVo SS cuffbands on the real ones.

    The HJ Schiwart/HJ Skiwart one, is a band I have never encountered.

    I have a photo showing a couple in wear, i.e. on the same sleeve. I will scan and post it for reference.


    PS How much is being asked for the fire-damaged shirt?

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    hi dar
    seems to have gone the link now shows a dj shoulder board, any idea how much it was
    by the way there a nice gausieger 1938 fake on there

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    Stu the price was around 600usd give or take. Lots of fake stuff on that site, doesn't surprise me to see a Gausieger badge fake. I buy there sometimes buy only stuff I know well like straps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Me neither unfortunately. This is the closest I've got :)
    And what is immediately obvious about these titles and the others shown in the thread?
    Colin Davie


    Admin Edit
    : Is this the "period evidence" you were on about with the following comment you posted on WAF on 27.8.2013 about how you thought you were unfairly treated here on the HJ forum?

    "I told them in that forum and showed them a full length HJ SPORTWART cufftitle, showed them period proof that they should be full length, but got ridiculed too..."

    Well, the above attachment wasn't your period proof now was it. You got that from post #13 a little further up this page or from another site where I posted it. You weren't "ridiculed" either. The truth is that there were actually no responses to this post apart from mine (post #24) which, you will notice, is supporting your question.

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