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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    Snyders does have some real items. Look at his HJ straps. Just incorrectly discribed and way overpriced. I've heard that he is super arogant and beligerant if you ask questions or inquire on the status of your order, and sometimes does not send items at all. These are just second hand accounts of what I've been told about him, and yes there are loads of "questionable" items there.
    Darin, You have it correct.

    I've bought four things from him.
    1 PL armband, and 3 HJ triangles on two different transactions.
    The items were fine - no problems.

    But to be polite let's just say his comments are rather short.
    I paid the money, he sent my stuff - I can't complain.
    I've never met the guy in person. But he has some pretty wild stuff on the site.


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    just had a look at his site after along time and see it is full of junk and fake descriptions. There is some good stuff in the mix don't get me wrong but it just ain't worth the risk with this dealer. Check the feedback out on any forum for yourself.

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    I'll consider myself lucky.


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    Paul, agreed I would not buy from him personally.

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    So guys , what is your final verdict on these CT's?
    which are those accepted as legit and which are the bad ones?
    We have this ongoing ad on WRF now and personally I do not like these CT's (besides being cut and no back pic)


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    His description is all wrong

    These were introduced in 1936 and were worn on the left sleeve not the right. It was only permitted to wear one at a time even if the wearer was qualified in all disciplines.

    They look exactly like the ones we discussed here too. A burn test would give a measure of comfort but it's always going to be difficult to separate real from fake in my humble opinion. That Geländesportwart seems to have stiching in the black outer bands which I don't recall having seen before.

    I replaced your link with the actual picture Matt because the link was to a sales thread which will be deleted eventually along with the picture.

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    Agree a burn test would give some comfort. I've had some of these a long time ago but am now convinced they were not good ones. The fakes of these look like good quality and I've seen only a few that looked like they had legitimate period wear. Most I see are in mint condition, so personally I would avoid them. I can't say if the ones shown are good or not from that picture. I think hands on inspection and a burn test would be the only way I would be comfortable with ANY of these sleeve stripes. Just my opinion.

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    The non-scientific approach I was told was a more "touchy feely" method.

    I was told that the very limp ones that if laid on your finger would droop down and feel very silky are ok.

    I've never had the opportunity to see examples like this. So take it for what it's worth.

    I've not felt comfortable enough with these to purchase any.

    I've only seen one long uncut version of these. It's on Snyder's Treasures. I'm not saying that the long ones are good, it's just "different".

    As stated, a hands on examination would be the safe play.


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    Hi Guys,

    You are mentioning the "burning" test. Could you please tell me what is that?

    I have a "yellow" one and also I dont have a good feeling about it.


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    ANTONIO if the thread crackles and sparks it is period ersatz thread


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