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    Cut a small section off one of the ends of the insignia ( 1/16th of an inch )
    Take a match or a lighter and burn it .
    If the fabric bubbels up (kinda like plastic melting) then it is bad.
    If it burns smoothly with no bubbeling then it has a chance at being a good piece.

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    Thanks Joe,

    I just did the test and burnt very fast, not smooth at all and yeap, looked a bit like burning plastic.

    So bad luck.



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    That's unfortunate news Antonio. It's happened to most of us at one time or another. Hope you are not out too much on the insignia.

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    Thanks Darin,

    I didnt pay much for it and since I got it, I knew there was something wrong with it, so well, at least it is confirmed.

    I will keep myself just for tinnies and a couple of DJ boards that I would love to get.



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    Here a little group including a Schiwart cufftitle.

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    Sorry pic is missing
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    Excellent. Great to see a photo of one that looks original.

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    Is there a regulation as to what length the speciality cufftitles should be ?

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    New adds

    HJ Geländesportwart
    HJ Schießwart
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    His description is all wrong

    These were introduced in 1936 and were worn on the left sleeve not the right. It was only permitted to wear one at a time even if the wearer was qualified in all disciplines.

    They look exactly like the ones we discussed here too. A burn test would give a measure of comfort but it's always going to be difficult to separate real from fake in my humble opinion. That Geländesportwart seems to have stiching in the black outer bands which I don't recall having seen before.

    I replaced your link with the actual picture Matt because the link was to a sales thread which will be deleted eventually along with the picture.
    Exception to the rule ...
    Here is a photo of a Jungvolk Leader wearing two cufftitles on his sleeve .
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