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    Great photo!

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    what to say more. Great find with the two cuffbands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    Exception to the rule ...
    Here is a photo of a Jungvolk Leader wearing two cufftitles on his sleeve .
    Yes, the regulation (dated 12/1936) states that only one
    could be worn at a time but there is another (which I can't locate at the moment) which states that CTs were only permitted to be worn if the wearer was actively engaged in one of the respective posts (Geländesportwart, Skiwart etc). With that in mind this guy may be wearing two because he holds two active positions. I'll try and find that second regulation. Great photo

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    Another photo of an HJ wearing two cufftitles . At closer viewing , maybe he is the same person .
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin s View Post
    The non-scientific approach I was told was a more "touchy feely" method.

    I was told that the very limp ones that if laid on your finger would droop down and feel very silky are ok.

    I've never had the opportunity to see examples like this. So take it for what it's worth.

    I've not felt comfortable enough with these to purchase any.

    I've only seen one long uncut version of these. It's on Snyder's Treasures. I'm not saying that the long ones are good, it's just "different".

    As stated, a hands on examination would be the safe play.

    i would just like to add to the touchy feely method,i have noticed that the early district triangles,dj patch, bdm swas patch,and ek2 ribbons,these do have a silky feel to them,and are limp,if we go to 1942 (aprox year) these tend to be less silky and do not droop as much,maybe it was do to the change to cheeper cottons,who knows.i have had both types in my collection and still have a nice silky ek2 ribbon, & dj patch,you may ask where i got the date from,well i have 2 district triangles,one is very silky and one is not,so on doing some research,i found out that the non silky one was introduced in 1942,the triangle in question is west westfallen-nord,which was introduced in 1942.
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    Included in a grouping to a Gebirgsjäger officer, a Schiwart-title together with a few other HJ items. He was an early member, his Leistungsrune Silber is numbered 341 on the back and in his booklet.
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    Hi LRRPS,

    Many thanks for showing the

    Your comment about the achievement badge is very interesting too. That serial number beats the lowest number badge I have listed in the project here by around 1500 and it would be a great addition if you are happy to include it. Is the badge a hollow-back?

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    Yes, hollow-back. I will take pics / scans tomorrow and include.

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    Excellent. Many thanks!

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    Here is one that was on Ebay DE briefly and then removed, I suspect the seller got a "buy it now" offer. Another full length version.

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