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    thanks all some very good info out of the woods here , maybe will do a deal on this badge


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    Sorry for opening this old thread, but I have a large interest in Seeberufsfachschulen. Can someone point me to a more details, somewhere? I can see that there is a book about those schools. Anyone knows if its OK?

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    wish I could remember the dealer, he had a story with the badge from the vet who brought it back.

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    Good day Gents,

    according to vol 1 of Hans Wilhelm Hoffmann's book "Der Matrose als Ausbildungsberuf" ('The seaman as apprenticeship'), the
    was in charge of the Seeberufsfachschulen. The schools had the sole purpose to teach pupils the trade of a merchant navy seaman (not officers!). However, during wartime the graduates of these schools had to do a 3 years service time on auxillery warships.
    I must admit I do not have this book and the learnings what I gathered so far were news to me as well.

    So now: why the mis-conception the items of the "Seeberufsfachschule" are related to the HJ? The pupils, first of all, were under age and were still members of the HJ. And for the duration of school attendance it is quite possible they did also their duties in the local HJ units. However, we have to consider the fact that on their normal school uniforms they did not wear any insignia which can be attributed to the HJ. Don't ask me why the colours of cap tallies were chosen to be identical to the Marine-HJ.



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