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    Hitler Youth Gefolgschaft and Jungvolk Fähnlein standard bearer sleeve patch

    Hi guys, I would like some opinions on this standard bearers patch. Do you think it's ok? my gut feeling is that it is

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    sorry, but this patch is a fake.
    Best Regards

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    see here for a couple of fine originals and fakes John, most HJ collectors are only happy to collect the ones with the missing top to the diamond these are the ones seen in the period reference pictures and the only one i would buy! theres also two original online for sale i remember one is tagged and around 600E they are always expensive, i think also the patch you show is a bit larger than the original version but dont quote me on that one!

    the fakes of these are quite good like many other cloth HJ insignia imo

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    here is another 2

    Is this a good Hitler Youth Standard Bearer Patch ?

    this ones best shows the image in the

    the differences on the one you show compared to the worn originals are easy seen on the feet, swas and eye area are easy to see, but you would surely think there would be originals without the weave error aswell but they never are seen around in the same quality and flawed also most are mint mint mint! yes theres also mint and tagged originals out there but they have the weave error to the diamond tip but are much more quality and a different size from the other repros, this is just my opinion of course :)

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    Thank you for taking the time for the concise answers, as they say, another one bites the dust :)
    For the bin then

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    i would buy it John to see it under the microscope and to compaire to an original someday ;) and you will recieve more answer here mate but i fear they will all be the same as above!

    sell it for what it is everything has some sort of value and not worth binning be better to learn from it imho


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    I agree with Ewan. A reproduction. Look at the top border that tells all. Here's a nice original example.


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    beautiful is the word your looking for Darin!!

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    Is the one on Bill Shea's site is a fake also? I'm also glad to have put it up for opinions. It's a hard life :(

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    john you got a link to that one? cant see it over there?

    lifes only hard if you weaken John ;)

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