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    Phil Baker discusses this type of tab in YLBY (volume 3 I think). I discussed Steve's tab with him since I had initially thought it might even be the very tab illustrated (seemingly not since there are a few small differences). Anyway, Phil Baker relayed to me how he had asked Axmann himself about them. Axmann confirmed that he had never worn such a tab. The final nail in the coffin!

    For those that have the new Saris book, these tabs are discussed there too (with a nod to Phil Baker's earlier writings). A genuine Axmann tab is also shown; the quality is far superior.

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    very interesting info. The tab show appears very nice but obviously must be in hand to make the call

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    A little bit more to add to the mix ,

    1st picture and text from BADGES AND INSIGNIA, ( printed 1983) although the picture does not seem to relate to the tab in the book

    2nd picture is steves ................,

    3rd a picture of axmann,,,,,,,,,,,

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    it is true about the confirmed ones being all gilt

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    quit a handfull of information shared here!

    darn, I tought collecting HJ stuff was a sure thing, but reading about all stuff that got and still is faked around the globe, I think its wisely to check out every thing zeven times over....

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    ABSOLUTELY either make yourself an expert before buying or run it through the forum where the red flags will be hoisted

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    Another example of this tab has surfaced. Appears very close to the tab at the start of this thread. Not the same tab but obvious to me made by the same hand.

    PLEASE HELP with COLLAR TABS - Militaria Forums
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