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    Hitler Youth Zahnarzt (Dentist) Sleeve insignia

    Just arrived. Worn on the lower left sleeve of the leaders tunic. Round was for physician, the rectangular was for a dentist. This one shows holes on the backside where it was removed from a uniform. These are scarce, only one I've ever seen in several years of collecting.

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    Scarce ? where did you find it this gem ? :tongue_smilie:

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    Very nice Darin

    As you say, rectangle for male and female dentists, oval for male and female doctors. There was also one for the chemists which was a triangular patch. All were introduced on 2.9.1938

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    Scarce ? where did you find it this gem ? :tongue_smilie:
    Toby of Das Riech. This one is shown in Youth Led By Youth, it came from the Baker collection.

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    Nice one. Can't imagine there's too many of these.

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    VERY very nice great buy


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    very nice catch darin

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