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    HJ Bannfeldscher sleeve patch

    just acquired BannFeldscher not much around these days it seems or not much around that can be afforded

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    Hi Paul, this isn't for a Bannfeldscher/GD-Mädel des Untergaues as those had a red cord around the edge. The cord on yours is green but the only cord with green was the green/white cord for Gefolgschaftsfeldscher/GD-Mädel der Gruppe so all we have left really is that the patch is a home-made or that it has been embellished with the green cord post-war.

    More here: BdM Unfalldienst (UD) sleeve insignia

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    INTERESTING thanks GARRY. Here is a pic of the reverse showing what I would expect to see for a badge with added cord ref stitching not trying to make it good but suggest maybe more going on here ?
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    As I say Paul, it could be period home-made but the colour is definitely not correct. If period then perhaps the wearer went for an approximation due to not having green/white cord. Difficult to know for sure of course.

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    Does anyone else have one with the green farb they would care to show us and in particular anything with some good provenance so we can go deeper into this

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    Lauri has one of the Gefolgschaftsfeldscher patches with green/white cord. Green/white is definitely correct for that level of medic.

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