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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    ...rarely seen three pointed pips on the shoulder straps as shown on page 344 of the Saris book.
    Also shown in the 1943

    Here a Verwaltungs-Hauptgefolgschaftsführer:


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    Here's one I coloured in earlier (well, a long time ago actually) :)
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    Excellent Garry. Thank you for showing the illustration and photo. I picked the patch up for next to nothing. I think I got a real bargain on it.

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    Really nice artwork Garry, impressive!!!

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    Cheers guys. I took the green for the patch from the
    but I can see from your patch Darin that my green is a little too bright. I'll change that the next time I fire up photoshop. Good on you for managing to get hold of your patch cheap

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    Here is a scan from a photo on ebay of an early HJ leader wearing said Verwalter patch .
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    great pic but does his Verwalter patch seem a bit larger and distinctive than the example DARRIN shows.

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    Another nice example was sold on the last Toby update, maybe the lucky owner is one of you ?

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    I was too late for this one! The Doctors insignia also.

    Photos from Toby's site Das Riech
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    The backing should be green. I cannot find any indication for blue for naval-HJ. Maybe Garry
    is able to assist.
    The mentioned color for Luftwaffe (post 5), is not for the HJ, but is the specific insignia for the
    German airforce administrators.

    Bekl.uAusr. Jan 15, 34.jpg

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