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    the regulation as mention in the Verordnungsblatt for the HJ from
    December 1935.

    Vbl.HJ. Dec.12, 35.jpg

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    some of the special patches for the German airforce. There is a minor difference in the
    type of letter. I could not find any indication there was a patch for Flieger-HJ Verwalter,
    but it might be possible the one or the other may have used the airforce version, to
    match it with the backing and color for the Flieger-HJ uniform.


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    To make it more complete:
    in the "Amtliches Nachrichtenblatt", V/27 from December 3, 1937 an announcement was
    published about the shoulder-straps for HJ-leaders of a Verwaltung. With this order it was
    noted that the earlier worn arm patches were put out of order and no longer allowed to be
    "alle bisher noch zur Kennzeichnung dienenden Arnscheiben werden mit sofortiger Wirkung
    ausser Kraft gesetzt und dürfen nicht mehr getragen werden
    So, with the beginning of 1938 the indication for the administrations was to be seen at the
    worn shoulder-straps!

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    Thank you for the informative posts on this insignia Wim, it is much appreciated. Good to see you here sharing information with us!

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    In really bad shape for this one but quickly sold
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    Yes that one sold very quickly. I still seek a pair of straps to go with the example I own, like many things I am looking for someday I may find them.

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    Probably HJ also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lauri View Post
    Probably HJ also.
    Agree, it appears to be HJ from the photos.

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    Another HJ, just sold on Ebay DE. I made some bids while the price was low, but it passed my limit so I dropped out of the bidding as I already have one of these. This one appears to be an early version to me. Nice addition for someone, hopefully a forum member. Condition is nice, used but not in bad shape.
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    I have not seen this one

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