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    I need your opinions on this one. Motor HJ/NSKK Driver Badge.

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    Kevin, here's a link to an NSKK badge similar to this one. Looks pretty similar to the one you posted.

    Admin edit: picture no longer available on external site

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    Here's another NSKK diamond insignia and the alder is really close to the one you posted Kevin, the roundel with the swaz is sort of "stretched" like your HJ example.
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    looks excactly the same as one i have , that came from a good source

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    Thanks guys,

    I appreciate the sanity check.


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    Never hurts to ask for second opinions. I'm with Stu this one looks good to go.

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    2nd pattern HJ/nskk insig revisited


    Let's re-visit this one.
    As you recall [in this thread] the consensus from the photos I supplied on this 2nd pettern HJ/nskk insignia was that this was an ok piece.

    I received it and put it against my 1st pattern HJ/nskk insig.

    This photo was taken with my phone so it's not the best, but I think it will serve the purpose here, as it was taken in the dark.....with a black light.

    The first pattern on the right was completely dead under the light.
    The second pattern on the left? Well you can see for yourself.
    It was not a streaking kind of flourece that one sees when something is laundered with modern detergents, it was bright, purple and uniform.

    So now what are your opinions with this added piece of information?

    I'm not very comfortable with it.
    The seller is kind enough to accept the return.

    Let me hear your thoughts on this one.

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    That's unnerving to say the least Kevin. Did you try and set it next to a piece of known modern white cloth like a sock or t shirt for comparison?

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    Yes indeed.

    I think this was brighter than my whites.
    I better start using a different detergent.


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    Well, the plus side is that the seller will take it back, downside, that's a pretty good repro.

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