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    Insignia of the AHS teachers

    Here is what I think is the insignia of the Adolf Hitler schools non-HJ-Staff teachers, but teachers coming from state education, on the AHS.
    Perhaps someone knows more.

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    I do not think this man is a teacher but mabye an AHS representive or recruiter for the AHS schools.

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    Hi everybody,
    I have the same opinion as joecool and he seems to me too young to be a teacher.....
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    Perhaps a member of an AHS delegation, in formal dress? He looks to be of student age.

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    There is the same badge in Angolia HJ vol II (p 254), described as maybe a flag bearer insignia.

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    Yes Lauri, looks exactly the same. I have doubts about Angolia being correct in his discription after seeing this period photo.

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    VERY interesting photo.

    IMO, [After seeing this photo] I agree with Darin concerning the flag bearer's application unless someone can come up with a photo of it on a uniform.


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    There was much emphasis placed on not allowing the AHS students to rise above their station and appear elitist to the rest of the HJ so the idea of a special patch for an AHS standard bearer as suggested by Angolia always struck me as very suspect.

    Great to see this photo as it shows how the patch was actually worn. I can''t find any reference to a patch like this in any of the books so it remains a mystery until someone can turn up some more info.

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    I think that insignia is from an school called Adolf Hitler, not an AHS of HJ. Just a normal school. In this period many schools was called Adolf Hitler and was common alumns weared an uniform of the school.

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    I saw this photo for sale on Ebay DE last week. Beware comrades, it is widely copied.

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