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    ...In this period many schools was called Adolf Hitler and was common alumns weared an uniform of the school.


    School uniforms in Germany like in Great Britain (with a badge) !? Show us pictures, please.

    I still think it has to do with the AHS but as he seems young (too young to be a teacher ?) he could be a student which is part of a delegation.

    Best regards

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    Here is the example currently listed on Ebay DE.
    Top Foto Portrait Jugend Schule des Kanzlers Ausbildung | eBay
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    Flohmarktfund ! LOL.... thats the Germans No 1. tag line.

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    Yes, that and every rag that was once some sort of uniform on Ebay DE is "Bodenfund".

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    You'd be surprised the number of small fish, (they call themselves DEALERS, and even have their own Militaria auction platforms and websites) shop at the Flohmarkt! and swear blind by what they have been told. I know plenty of them, and have seen them buy something, and then list it on their site with a long story..... only original stuff you are likely to find at the flea-market today, are Fleas !

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    This photograph is in my possession for many years. It is reproduced by now, to get a buck!
    No, it is not what Angolia suggest. Flag bearer's did not wear their patch there.

    But what about the following idea or suggestion:
    could it be a member from an AHS who was into a choir? I know they so now and then performed
    and did wear occasionally a nice dress, which one will not find in any regulation. Special dresses
    were also worn by others: see coming picture.

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    I hope you are able to open it!!

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    yes very interesting theory makes sense

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    Paul, thanks. Maybe one day we indeed know why the AHS guy is wearing the handembroidered
    Do you know from what "unit" the guy is with the breast eagle and HJ diamond upon his left arm?

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