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    Jungbann 539 DJ strap with rank?

    hello collectors, could i have some opinions on this DJ strap found on sudsteiermarkversand? never before seen one with tress or pips attached to it, noticed it last night and it was still for sale, now it says ordering!

    am just intrigued is all ;)

    looks a nice and mint dj strap but has it been pieced together?


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    Odd strap. I don't see a purpose for a DJ Member adding rank litzen and pip to a strap. Ranks were conveyed with lanyards and sleeve patches. Embellished IMO.

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    I agree. There was no provision in the regulations for this kind of embellishment and as Darin says, a DJ boy with one of the lower ranks would have worn a sleeve patch and lanyard. The strap has been sold now...

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