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    A little background info on the Hitler Youth Bann and Jungbann standard bearer patches and gorget.

    The Hitler Youth standard bearer gorget (for Bann standard bearers only) and special arm patch for Bann and Jungbann standard bearers were introduced in July 1938. The arm patch was the same for both the Bann and Jungbann.

    The standard bearer was only given the gorget for the period during which he would actively be carrying the flag. The gorget was never to be separated from the flag and both were stored together when not in use.

    This next part may be the answer to a question Kevin asked me a while back when he wondered why there were so few of the standard bearer patches around today. When the very first standard bearer was nominated he was given three patches. When that boy was replaced he had to return the patches to the Bann where they were then given to his replacement and so on until they wore out and needed to be replaced by a new item. In theory then an original set of patches could have survived until 1945 which may explain why there are so few of these around. In the first year of issue there would have been a requirement for close to 3800 patches.

    The standard bearers were often referred to unofficially as Fähnrich which was the name used in the 16th to 18th centuries for those who had carried the flag in battle. The use of the word Fähnrich was forbidden by regulations in 1939. The correct terms were Bannfahnenträger and Jungbannfahnenträger.

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    thanks a lot for this interesting information Garry i never knew that.

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    Garry, have you noticed any subtle differences between these patches, such as the shape of the beak on the bird, or the claws holding the hammer? Reason being, I've seen one up and it looks pretty good, but a little different than the one you have pictured.:confused:

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    I have noticed that Darin. There seem to be two types and the differences are in the areas you mention.

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    That helps explain it then Garry. Thanks.

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    thanks for the info gar, interesting stuff

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    That's really good info. Sounds like it was a highly respected role. If there ain't many patches, then there would be very few gorgets too, yes?

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    Pat, the gorget is like the holy grail of HJ, impossible to find, and heavy money when one does turn up!

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    Cheers guys. Yes, the gorget is stupidly rare. I only know of two in collections but I'm sure there must be more. One of those with a gorget is a member here and I'm hoping he'll show it at some point. Yes, I imagine that these boys were bursting with pride every time they put the gorget on and picked up the standard.

    Here's a nice one:

    Hitler Youth standard bearer gorget from Bann 355 Ahr

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    Yes indeed Garry, I have seen a photo of one of the gorgets you are refering to. :drool:

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