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    Motor-HJ Gebietsinspekteur sleeve badge

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    Oh my God ...the Holly Grail .

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    Only one I've ever seen!

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    just to show you need to know your topic this badge was mixed up with some pre WW1 Canadian insignia which it was very similar to and is now where it belongs. I have seen a couple of the lower class one around but think it is often passed over as an unknown badge by others

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    I love stories of finds like that Paul. Same way I got a Ski Fuher badge a long time ago, the guy thought it was some sort of large tinnie of low importance that sold it to me.

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    Great looking patch Paul

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    now thats a nice rare item paul
    thanks for showing

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    JUST to clarify this badge was worn by the GEBIETSINSPECTEUR, the regional inspector of the Motor-HJ
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    Choice rare insignia Paul. Would love more information on this unique patch.

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    my ref tells me there where 2 lower grades of this insignia

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