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    Nachrichten (Signals) HJ Patch, Very Strange Looking

    This one is on Mil 321 at the moment. It looks very dodgy to me. I've seen a lot of loose paper RZM tags for sale recently and to me it appears someone is trying to put them to use. I'll leave this here for members to comment on and confirm that it's a fake before moving it to the database. What say you fellow members? Real or Poor copy?

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    To me , it looks like a Heer Blitzmädel signals patch from 42 to 44 with an Rzm tag attached to hump up the value .

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    looks like the female radio operators blitz I have.

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    I think you guys are correct. Not HJ at all, Blitzmädel seems most likely.

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    can you guys who have similar please post the reverse of yours, just do not like the weave on this one

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