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    Very hard to say from those poorly lit photos. Straight on well lit and in focus will help. The eagle head looks "rounded" sort of from what I can see, not a good sign IMO. Better well lit photos are needed to be sure.

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    will post new photos soon thanks

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    i think i can see the violent violet colour there, of course the pics are real bad, better ones would be good to see!

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    YOUTH SALE 5-13 001.jpgYOUTH SALE 5-13 002.jpgYOUTH SALE 5-13 003.jpgYOUTH SALE 5-13 004.jpg here are more photos the diamond with newspaper is the new one look the same original ?

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    Sorry but those photos still don't show close up details. What sort of camera are you using? Does it have a "Macro" or close setting? Also you could try a scanner.

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    These appear to be phone camera pictures, not the best for looking at items to determine if they are good or reproduction for me anyway. Sorry but I would need good clear detailed photos to help you. Since you have the patch in hand I'll post some links to other threads on this forum where these patches are discussed and you can take a look at them and compare yours for yourself.

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