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    Wietze has a couple, the condition is not so great on them and the price is high.:mad:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collect100 View Post
    Very nice patch Paul. Thanks for posting. I have been wanting to add one of these to my collection, but I am seeing more fakes on the internet than original ones.

    YES many fakes but if you look for that unmistakeable German quality and expect it in everything you buy then the task gets easier . Even in the last days with crude materials the items put out where always good quality


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    With the exception of late war Luftwaffe spec patches :confused:

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    Excellent point Joe, wonder why that is?

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    I would think that homeland defence ie flak units becoming such a high priority that the huge build up of manpower required equally huge quanities of insignia at a time when all resourses where depleted. The SS had slave resourses with plenty of material and the HEER of course was already a huge entity and would have massive stocks IMO


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    wonderful toy you have there Paul.

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    very nice patch there Paul,,,dont recall ever seeing one outside a reference book,,,sweet!

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