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    Reichsjugendsportabzeichen RJA cloth patch

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    I don't know about the patch Matt but the metal version of the badge was the same design for boys and girls with the difference that the boys' badge was on a long pin and the girls was in brooch form with a horizontal bar extending out to the left and right of the wreath. Thinking logically the cloth patch would have been the same for boys and girls but hopefully someione can confirm that.

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    Thank you Garry

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    Just tying two related threads together. The patch in post 1 is being worn by a BDM girl in a picture in this thread. In lieu of further information it seems to be the case that there was only one version of the cloth RJA patch and that this was worn by both males and females. The metal version of the badge came in a male and female version and can be seen here: Reichsjugendsportabzeichen male and female versions

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